Good Luck Charms around the World


Although some people have disparaged luck as an alibi for watering down the effects of the hard work, many people across different cultures still hold on to the efficacy of luck. They believe that good things come and will come to them by the insignia worn on parts of their body that reminds them of the power of fate. These insignias come from a myriad of sources; from the tusk of an elephant to four-leaf clovers. Whether these charms work or not, one cannot definitely tell.

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Although some people have disparaged luck as an alibi for watering down the effects of the hard work, many people ...
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Here are good luck charms popular in some cultures across the world.

  1. Acorns

    : English folks believe that carrying an acorn protects one’s health. It is believed that an individual having an acorn will not experience sickness, aches, or any form of physical pain. I reckon this should come in handy for sickle cell patients and women who experience terrible menstrual cramps. Also, acorns are believed to speed up the healing of those who are sick.


  1. Elephant:

    In India and Thailand, the elephant is revered as a bringer of good luck–an elephant facing your door will bring good luck into your home. Popular belief says that if the trunk of the elephant is up, then it means good luck.


  1. Four-leaf clover

    : Because the odds of finding a four-leaf clover lying around is one in 10000, an Irishman who has one is considered lucky. So lucky. It is said that four sides represent faith, hope, luck, and love. Also some, Christians especially, have related the number 4 to the four sides of the cross.


  1. Horseshoe:

    In the US, the horseshoe represents a good luck symbol, although, this belief is not devoid of some debates. Some have argued that the horseshoe, facing up, captures and collects good luck. While others have argued that the horseshoe should face down because that way it pours down its good fortune to everyone that passes through the door.


  1. Keys:

    The belief all over the world is that keys are a symbol of fortune and liberation. In their article, “24 Good Luck Charms from Around the World,”  states that in the Catholic faith, the new consecrated Pope receives two diagonally crossed keys. One is silver, symbolizing the pope’s spiritual authority, while the other is gold, representing the power of heaven. Also, Jewish midwives gave keys to a woman giving birth to “unlock” the infant and ensure safe delivery of the baby.

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