What Is Gamification?


Gamification involves taking an already existing platform and integrating game mechanics into it. The purpose is to motivate loyalty, engagement, and participation on the part of the end user.  Additionally, gamification involves the use of data-driven techniques from those who design games, followed by the application of such methods to non-game experiences to motivate specific actions that can add value to a business. Varieties of real-world gamification applications are available today.

It is wrong to think that gamification is the same thing as games created for business promotion. Gamification is never about creating something new but amplification of the effects of the existing one. Gamifying high-value interaction with business partners, employees and customers can promote higher customer satisfaction, more profound loyalty, better return on investment, stronger collaboration and drive more sales.

Game mechanics

Gamification is founded on ten main game mechanics, which may adopt any combination of techniques for accomplishing business goals. The mechanics are also proven to engage and motivate end users.  The business world is getting transformed a great deal by gamification by creating an entirely new business model and bringing to the fore new methods of extending business relationships, encouraging employees’ loyalty, driving customers’ loyalty and crafting longer-term engagement. The effectiveness of gamification is due to its ability to leverage the desires and motivations existing in a business community, rewards, achievements and feedbacks.  When gamification is combined with big data generated via user interactions and the latest research on motivation, it can empower various businesses to bring about more accurate loyalty. Check out the Casino Heroes review its on of our most popular listings and excellent when it comes the toe mechanics of gamification.

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Why gamification?

Gamification can increase learner engagement when inculcated in eLearning.  With its aid, eLearning professionals can create experiences that can engage the learners. Thus, gamification can command learners’ attention and also motivate them since they are making an extra effort to reach their goals.

Aside from its benefit on eLearning, gamification can also be used to collect customer date since most of the gamification platforms out there make it mandatory for end users to log in using a valid social media credentials or email address. Your company can use gamification mechanics to gather data on visitors to your website and also assess what they do while on the site.

Business can equally solve several business problems with the aid of gamification since the mechanics enable crowdsourcing. The company can use customer feedback from the games and then apply it to various business issues. Aside from promoting your business with gamification, you can also use it as a tool to give back to the community. To find all of our latest listning go back to new online casinos.

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