Casino Payment Methods

Last updated: 2021-01-25

An introduction to all the payment methods you may come across when playing new online casinos in the United Kingdom.

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Paypal UK’s Official Videos


The genesis of PayPal started in 1998.  At first, it started off as a blend of confidence and infinity referred to as a confinity. This is, in essence, a service for the transfer of funds. Ken Howrey, Peter Thiel, Luke Nosek and Max Levchin were the brain behind the company. The story behind this critical payment platform is quite impressive. Max Levchin and Peter met at Stanford. This was when Peter came to deliver a lecture at Stanford. Max made Peter a proposal, and he found it interesting. The company was called Field Link. The idea was all about the crypto library which was not thriving at that time.

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Eventually, Max had to turn things around. This led to the launching of a secure and informal means of acknowledging debt known as IOU (I owe you). Both users need to have a handheld device know as palms. In the end, they resolved that both parties can carry on with the palms since they could transfer money by syncing the software with the web and email. This was the beginning of PayPal as a means of moving money online. The team devised a method of making PayPal viral. They offered a signup bonus of $10 to every new user. Also, the partnership between PayPal and eBay fostered the growth of PayPal. In 2000, PayPal merged with its fierce competitor This partnership didn’t go as planned as the teams could not synergise. After series of restructuring, they later found their footing and PayPal discovered its glow once again.


They offer users three significant benefits; secure payments, rewards and faster checkouts.  With PayPal, all you need is an active email address to send and receive payments. This unique idea by Max is the essential means behind the multinational PayPal. The first step is to sign up. Just like any other online payment platform, it is imperative that you provide valid information. The details of the account holder will be verified using a valid government ID. Verification usually takes a few days, and afterwards, you have the world on your palms. PayPal summarises its payment system in three categories; Services, goods, and eBay items. For transfer of funds, the receiver does not necessarily need to have an account. However, that address must be linked to PayPal one way or the other

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It is also be used to make additional online payment. It also offers users the chance to own a debit card associated it their account. Business account holders can make withdrawals directly from any available ATM.  It is also important to note that these services are not free of charge unless when you are buying in the U.S. However when you are selling, PayPal charges a standard fee of 2.9% + $0.30 for every transaction. According to them, it is the best rate you can get anywhere in the world. It is a lot higher for International Sales. The fee is at 4.4% plus an additional fixed price depending on the currency. Cardholders also get to pay 2.7% or 3.5% + $0.15 depending on whether you swiped or entered the card manually.



The future of PayPal is very bright. Globally, there is a dangerous war on cash, and this gives them a commanding advantage for future partnership and investments.

To find more information, please go to the official website of PayPal UK.


MasterCard’s Latest Official Videos

See all of MasterCard’s Official videos here!

History of MasterCard

1979 heralds the start of a new facet of the global payment system. It marked the birth of MasterCard, and for the past 50 years, MasterCard has been in the business of making history. The history of MasterCard is a little tricky. The platform started off first as Interbank and Master Charge. It was managed by a group of banks mainly in the California region. Examples include the United California Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, Bank of California, Croaker National bank. Sooner or later, these banks united to form the Interbank Card Association (ICA). Of course, they had help from other banks like Marine Midland Bank and many more. Later, this partnership led to the birth of Master Charge/Interbank Card. Since then, it has evolved from one milestone to the other.

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Following its merger with “Everything Card”, the Interbank Card received a significant boost. A new high point in 1968 was the deal between Eurocard and ICA. The alliance paved the way for ICA to have free access into the European market. Then, the coalition was just ICA/Eurocard. In 1972 MasterCard merged with Access Card System which is a UK based company. The name MasterCard was born in 1979. The partnership with other cards continued until 1997 when MasterCard officially took over Access Card. Since then, it has been from one collaboration/merger to the other. Notable mergers included that of Europay international in 2001, Datacash in 2010, Pinpoint in 2014 and many more.

How it works

Now that you’ve known a little about the story behind that tiny card that is home to all your finances let’s talk about how it works. There are three parties involved in the payment process.  The first is the Acquirer. This refers to banks or any other financial institution that has been approved by MasterCard. The next is the Issuer. This applies to any financial institution, retailer, business etc. that provides you with the MasterCard. In summary, you have the issuer that gives you the card and then the acquirer that allows you to use the card in their organisation. The next is the brand itself, MasterCard. What then is their role? MasterCard is the brain, technology, and network behind this whole idea.

The payment flow involves the following steps:

  • You make payment at that local store
  • The information is sent to the acquirer via a secure channel for verification
  • The merchant (the local store where you made the purchase) waits for authorisation from the issuer
  • The issuer processes the information and authorises the transaction by providing feedback to the merchant
  • The merchant receives the payment from the issuing bank.


So far, the history of MasterCard sends an unequivocal message. They are out to take over the financial world. This is obvious from their partnership with some of the top multinational companies in the world. The payment system process is very secure, fast and easy. All the procedures described takes place in a matter of a few seconds. Stay up to date with MasterCard by visiting the official UK website here.

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VISA UK’s Latest Video Clips

See all of VISA’s clips on their official Youtube Channel


Visa is a global financial organisation with headquarters in Foster City, California. They aid transactions across the globe. Taking a trip down memory lane, way back in the 50’s, there was nothing like Visa. At that time, it was referred to as BankAmericard. There were series of cards during this period. However, the only issue was that every merchant had their cards. For example, Apple, eBay, Walmart, Facebook etc. had their payment cards.  This means that people will have to get several cards to make payments in each of these merchants. As a result, there was a need for every merchant to accept a single card for payment. This idea behind a unified all-purpose card was borne by Joseph Williams. Williams and his team tried to find out the gap in the other payment systems.

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In 1959, the city of Los Angeles alone had over 2 million cards.  However, they also had their challenges.  This led to the resignation of Williams in 1959. Following more pressure from fellow competitors, BankAmericard had to ally with other banks outside California. Things began to become stable. In 1970, BankAmericard stretched to other countries like Japan, France, UK, Canada etc. These countries issued the cards in their localized names. It was called Chargex in Canada. In the UK, it was called Barclaycard. In 1976, all the various brands of BankAmericard merged into the brand name “Visa”. There are currently more than 20,000 merchants that issue and accept Visa globally. This also means several million users as well.

How it works

If you happen to be one of the millions of Visa users out there, then you are a cardholder. The payment system involves some parties which include:

Cardholder: As already described, you are the cardholder if you to have a Visa card.

Issuer: This answers the question of where? That is where did you get your card from? This could be a bank, grocery store, a mall or any financial institution.

Merchant/Acquirer: Now you have a Visa card, then what? It’s not everywhere that you can use the card. Merchants include all the places (banks, ATMs, Malls,) that have been authorised.

Visa: This is the brain behind everything. They work with other institutions that issue these cards (Issuers), they provide the cards, and give the network and necessary infrastructure that aid the payment.

The Payment Process

The payment process involves authorisation, clearing, and settlement. The issuer verifies all the information as well as your current financial standing.  Upon confirmation, the issuer sends a message to Visa to authorise the transaction. Authorization can be approval or rejection depending on the outcome of the verification. This is how the cycle goes each time you use your visa card in any of the approved merchants. The process is the same when you are making payments online at your favourite casinos or stores.


Visa so far is always seeking ways to provide a better experience for users. They are looking to improve security by integrating biometrics. Also, there are lots of other innovations which will make the Visa experience much better. If you want to know more about VISA and their work visit the official VISA UK Website.


Neteller Own Explainer Video

More Videos can be found at Neteller Youtube Channel

History of Neteller

Neteller is a platform that allows users to make payments online. At present, the usage stands at about 23 million across the world. Neteller is a British owned company. It was launched in 1999 by Optimal Payments. However, in 2004, Neteller moved parts of its operations to the Isle of Man. That year also saw the opening of several other offices spread across major cities like Vienna, Sofia, Cambridge, London etc. It then began its online payment solutions in the year 2000. Five years later, it became one of the most popular choices for most gambling sites accounting for more than 80% of gambling-related transactions.

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John Lefebvre and Stephen Lawrence are the two founding members of Neteller. Both were arrested in 2007 following the link between the platform and gambling-related activities. This event led to a considerable change in the company. It opened doors to several activities other than gambling. However, the fact remains that gambling-related activities still account for the majority of its usage across the world. The platform uses the best encryption tech. Also, it uses separate trust accounts to save all funds they receive.


The first step is getting a free account by signing up. The next step is to deposit funds into your account. After that, you are one step closer to enjoying secure and fast online payment. It offers one of the safest means of making online payments and transferring funds. If you are looking to make payments on your favourite casino, Neteller is the choice of millions. It functions just like your credit card. However, they offer only prepaid services, so there is no interest rate of accrual of debt.

Opening an Account

Opening an account with Neteller is quite easy. Also, the process is the same across the world. The verification process is the same. A valid government ID is required. Also, the address on your account must tally with that of the ID that you have provided. The process takes between 2 to 5 business days. Afterwards, you are free to enjoy all the benefits that they have to offer. Neteller also provides the NET+ card which will be sent to the account holder.

Transaction terms and conditions

Depending on your location, funding your account might vary. Sometimes, it is country specific. For example, Ukash is for Brazil, Abaqoos for Hungary, Giropay for Germany etc. Neteller charges different fees from 1.75% to 9.9% depending on the region.  Debit and Credit card is available for international users for the least transaction fee of 1.75%.  Deposit takes between 1-6 business days.

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Transfer of funds between Neteller users is quite faster and more comfortable. More importantly, it is free. However, transfer to other account attracts a fee of 1.9%. As an account holder, you can withdraw funds directly to your bank account in your local currency. This attracts a fee of 2.95%. For both deposit and withdrawal, there is a limit.  Neteller runs promotions from time to time to all customers. They also offer VIP services which come with a lot of benefits to members.


Neteller is currently breaking through country barriers to provide one of the best online payment options. In addition to a website that looks too simple for such a huge company, they might want to consider getting a mobile app. Need more information? Visit


Skrill’s Official How-To Video

About Skrill

Skrill is a UK-based financial institution. It is regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority. So far, it also has full consent to operate within the EU (European Union). Concerning other online payment platforms, Skrill is only just a newbie. The platform started in July 2001 under the name Moneybookers UK Limited. Later in 2007, Investcorp bought Moneybookers for a fee of 105 million. The platform continued to grow. It was named the fastest growing private equity in the UK by the Sunday Times. The growth continued. In 2011, they already had more than 25 million customers with over 120,000 merchants spread across the EU. Subsequently, they experienced a chain of partnership with top firms like Skype, eBay, and Facebook. In 2011, Moneybookers officially became Skrill.

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The rebranding process continued until 2013. Shortly, CVC Capital Partners acquired Skrill in 2014. The fee was about 600 million Euros. It became the only approved electronic payment for gambling-related activities in New Jersey. In 2015, it acquired the services of one of its major UK based competitor, Ukash. While it is currently undergoing a series of expansions and acquisitions, plans are already in motion for its acquisition by Optimal Payments. The said deal is still pending and is worth over 1.1 billion Euros. The current price tag placed on Skrill tells you how much the company has grown from 2001 to date.


Skrill is has a huge affiliation with gambling-related activities. Just like any other financial institution, you need to open an account first. This process might take a few days. In general, they try to make it as fast as possible. Once the account is ready, it is also very vital to link a funding account to you your Skrill account. This automatically becomes the funding source.  You can quickly make all your deposit. Once that is done, it is indeed done. Currently, many Casinos have integrated it as one of their preferred payment options. This means that you can quickly make deposits and withdrawals using Skrill. Feel free to choose from British Pounds, Euros, Polish Zloty and US Dollars. This might not sound like much, but this is as much as you can get. Also, they issue prepaid MasterCard in all four currencies.

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The company has partnered with several merchants in a bid to provide very more comprehensive coverage to customers. Currently, there are more than 120,000 merchants that accept payment using Skrill. Some of the significant merchants include Facebook and Skype. If you love to shop on eBay, it is very much taken as well. As expected, they charge users for all transactions. Compared to other platforms, the rate is much higher. Especially when it comes to international transfers, the sum of all the fees makes it a costly option.


Skrill is the new face of Moneybookers.  The future of Skrill is very bright. Their integration with most online casinos makes them the popular choice for most gamers. The platform no doubt offers users a very convenient, confident and instant payment option. Need more information? Visit


Trustly’s Officiel Video

History of Trustly

Trustly is a fintech company that is based in Sweden. It was founded in 2008 by Joel Jakobsson, Carl Wilson, and Lukas Gratte. The aim was to offer a solution for the e-commerce industry. This was to provide a direct payment technology for Online Banking ePayment (OBeP). Trustly does not function on its own. Instead, it offers its services using channels like TransferWise and PayPal. Eventually, Trustly gained more grounds after the financial crisis of 2008. This made customers distrust banks. They were willing to seek new ways to carry out their financial transactions. As a result, Trustly was one of the beneficiaries of that decision. They began to increase their coverage to several new countries. By the end of 2010, they experienced more than 200% growth in their revenue. As part of their expansion plan, they opened up a new branch in Malta.

Expansion over the years

Alfven & Didrikson acquired Trustly in 2011. This is a widespread practice in this industry. About three years after later, the company had a major deal with PayPal and Groupon in 2014. The idea was to create a swift and easy means of making payment for goods and services in most stores. Also, the peak of this deal was the introduction of the “Payout Express Product”. This was a big boost for the company. Sales skyrocketed, and they reached a milestone mark of 10 million transactions that year. Eventually, this attracted interest from investors. Bridgepoint Capital invested several million to gain a minor stake in the company. As a result, the company continued to grow and attract investments. Another major investment was that of Nordic Capitals just recently. The company now accounts for 70% of the stake in Trustly. The deal is worth more than €700 million.

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Over the years, Trustly met some criticisms. It came from their competitors and some from local banks.  The incident in 2013 was the peak. The company was accused of violating customer’s privacy. The issue was resolved at that time. Also, Trustly claimed that they do not breach their privacy policy. Also, a more recent event was in 2016. Following the deal between PayPal and Trustly, it aroused series of comments pointing out the difference in the privacy policy of both companies. As always, the defence was fantastic. They are regulated by the SFSA (Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority).


Trustly provides users with one of the safest, most comfortable and fastest payment option in the industry. Whether you want to make payment on your favourite mall or casino, you just have to trust them to handle it for you. Select Trustly as your preferred payment method. Afterwards, follow the steps below to complete the transaction.

  • Chose your bank (from the list of local banks provided)
  • Login to our bank with your details
  • Make and confirm the payment
  • That’s it; you’re done

Their service is open to users in the 29 countries across Europe. These countries include Sweden, Finland, Malta, Norway, United Kingdom, Denmark, Netherlands, Estonia, Ireland, Spain, Latvia, France, and Bulgaria. Once you are within this Eurozone, the service is open and available to you.

Summary of Benefits

  • It reduces financial crimes
  • safe
  • reliable
  • convenient
  • fast


Trustly is moving in the right direction. This is obvious from their recent activities, partnerships and revenue statements. Also, Nordic Capital is on the verge of becoming a significant shareholder in Skrill. As a result, the reason is to provide Trustly with the needed support to achieve their aim of taking the lead in the online banking payment provision across the globe. Visit for the latest information about the company.


Check out this video on Siru Mobile

Siru Mobile

Mobile payment has never been more convenient especially in today’s world. In the evolving mobile market; there is no doubt that mobile lifestyle is changing. We are no longer shackled to the chains of fixed wealth or currency. In this regards, you don’t have to move around with your money wherever you go. Who needs to do that when you’ve got Siru Mobile?

What is Siru Mobile

Siru mobile is a pay by phone payment service. By using Siru mobile, you can deposit your money anywhere; make payments, transfer funds and many more. Siru mobile does not function in isolation. It is a payment intermediary, which means that it works in conjunction with the websites, and your network provider. It is simple and easy to use.


Siru is a child when compared, to other similar services, like Boku. Siru mobile was born in 2011, in Finland. The company was founded on the simple mantra of delivering quality service. So far, they have more than kept their end of the bargain. The service is still in its infancy and is only available in a few select countries within the U.K. However; the service is growing, every day.

How Does It Work

The service works efficiently and directly. Siru Mobile only requires your phone number. Afterwards, you will receive a verification code to confirm your account. The amount will either be subtracted from your phone credit balance or will be added to your monthly bill which you can pay at a later date.

A step by step guide to, making a deposit

Nothing can be simpler, than making a deposit, by using Siru mobile. It is usually a three-step process.

  1. Websites usually try to make every process, as simple, and as streamlined, as possible, and funding your account is no different. You need only to go, on the banking page, of your account. The banking page will either be in your profile menu, or in your setting menu. Once you are in the Banking page, select Siru mobile. (You can use either your mobile or your Laptop, to do this).
  2. The Siru mobile service will ask for your mobile number and the amount that you wish to deposit. The company will then send you a security pin, by way of verification. Once you have entered the Security pin; the transfer of funds should begin.
  3. Once the deposit has been made, all you have to do is wait for the verification message. Shortly, you will get a message saying “Payment Successful.” This step is either instantaneous, or either can take up to 5 seconds. Once you get the message, you should be able to see the funds available in your account, and you will be all set to explore; the new, and exciting possibilities that the world has to offer.

The future of Siru Mobile

Siru Mobile may not be the best, it may not be the oldest, and it may not be the most widely available. However, one thing is certain, Siru Mobile works just like any other mobile payment option out there. Siru mobile opens up a whole new world of possibilities to you. Still curious on Siru Mobile? Go to their official site


Zimpler’s video clip about their service


In today’s ever-evolving world where most people now despise having to carry cash around, pay by mobile options have sprung up like wildfire in the summer. Zimpler is one of such pay by mobile possibilities. It is a breath of fresh air offering its users new, exciting and quality means of making online payments on their favourite casinos and websites.

What is Zimpler?

Zimpler is an electronic wallet that screams simplicity. The masterminds behind the platform have built it to suit all forms of mobile payment. Zimpler is very easy to access and quite simple to use. Simplicity and ease of use are what really makes them stand out from significant competitors.  How did Zimpler come to be?

History of Zimpler

Zimpler has been around a little longer than you might think. The platform has been around for more than two decades firstly in the shape of its predecessor “Puggle-Pay” and now in its current form. The intermediary is only available on a few select websites in the U.K and Finland, but the good news is that they are expanding. Zimpler is one of the best mobile payment options currently in operation.

How does it work?

As already mentioned, Zimpler is very easy to use. The set up is, even more, more comfortable, at least when compared to other electronic wallet options.  You can quickly set up your Zimpler account from their website. However, it is also very easy to set up from any casino interface that has integrated it as one of its payment options. Once you select to make a deposit using Zimpler, you will receive a code on your mobile number which you must have provided during registration. Afterwards, enter the code sent to your mobile to complete the transaction.  As I said, it is effortless. It even gets simpler with using Zimpler to make deposits. Just follow the instructions step by step, and you will be fine.

Step by Step guide to payment

Once the signup process is complete, making payment is not going to pose any challenge.  As a security measure, it is essential to use a valid phone number. That way, it is to keep track of all your payment as well as your payment history. Also, it is quite essential for security reasons as well. To make payment, the first step is to select it as your payment option. After that, log in to your account. For payments on casinos or online stores, you will be redirected to the full Zimpler interface. This gives you full access to your account where you can complete the transactions before returning to the online casino or online store. Enter the amount that you want to deposit and click to confirm the purchase. Once this is verified, the money should reflect in your account in no time. That was simple, right?

The Future of Zimpler

Zimpler is currently not on the same level as some of the other famous guys like PayPal, Neteller, Skrill etc. However, if you are looking for a very smooth, easy and fast mobile means of completing that deposit on your favourite casino, Zimpler has got your back. The only problem is their coverage. You don’t get to find it everywhere. Read more about Zimpler at their official website here

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