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At New Online Casinos UK we use Cookies. The Cookies we use are to improve the user experience and performance of the site. When you click accept o the Cookie Disclaimer button (on your first visit), you agree to our Cookie Policy and won’t be bothered with the pop-up again.

How do Cookies Work?

When visiting a website that uses cookies a small file is stored on your computer containing a small piece of information about your browser. This file doesn’t store personal data. The cookie file store information to enhance your experience at New Online Casinos UK.  We use cookies for analytical purposes to see what pages that get s the most visits and how long our readers stay on each page.

What types of Cookies are there?

Are there more types of cookies? Yes. Below you can see a short list of the most common cookies including a brief explanation of what they do.

Persistent Cookies – These can also be called “Functional” or “Permanent” Cookies. The reason for these is to store basic preferences and settings of a user. Persistent Cookies helps the website load faster and improves your user experience.

Session Cookies – These are temporary Cookies that only stores data short-term when you are on a specific webpage. Session Cookies will be deleted as soon as you leave the website.

GA Analytic Cookies –  Google Analytics Cookies are used by those who use the service “Google Analytics” by Google. It measures users behaviour such as how long, what page and in what order. They also store country of origin. We have listed a link at the end of this text how you can disable GA Cookies.

Don’t like Cookies? Here is how to manage and change your settings

All modern browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari and Firefox allow you to change and manage your cookie settings. Keep in mind that you have to do this for each browser if you use more than one. Also, if you use more than one device. Keep in mind that Cookies are always used to improve the service or performance of the website, and by deactivating these you might suffer some loss of performance.

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Updates on our Cookie Policy

Changes might occur in the Cookie Policy and if they do this page will be updated.

This page was last updated in May 2018.

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