Gambling Terminology

A beginners guide to navigate in the terminology of new online casinos.


Casino InfoFeaturesBonus Open Account
345Spins Casino
Up to £3000 in Welcome Bonus
Weekly Promotions & Campaigns Live Chat Support Loyalty Club & Loyalty Coins
  • No Deposit No
  • Min Deposit £20
  • Wagering 30x
  • Est. July 2022
Up to £3000 in Welcome Bonus
Weekly Promotions & Campaigns Live Chat Support Loyalty Club & Loyalty Coins
9.99999999999 0 £3000 No £20
The maximum bet a player can place in a single round is 10 EUR. The minimum deposit to qualify for any deposit bonus is 20 EUR. The Welcome bonus balance together with the deposited balance is subject to 30 times wagering requirements before any withdrawal can be made. The casino reserves the right to remove any deposit bonus and no deposit bonus funds from accounts which have been inactive for more than 15 days. General Terms and Conditions apply.
Slotsdreamer Casino
400% Up to £1200
Wide Range of the Latest Slots Competitive Welcome Promotions Well known Banking Options
  • No Deposit No
  • Min Deposit £20
  • Wagering 35x
  • Est. March 2022
400% Up to £1200
Wide Range of the Latest Slots Competitive Welcome Promotions Well known Banking Options
9.99999999989 0 £1200 0 £20
Minimum deposit: £20 Maximum bonus amount: £1200 The welcome bonus applies only to new players. Wagering requirement: x35. Note that the promo also applies for EUR, USD, etc.
Luck of Spins Casino
Up to €1200 & 10% Daily Cashback
400+ Games Supports VISA, Mastercard & Crypto Fast & Responsive Platform
  • No Deposit No
  • Min Deposit £25
  • Wagering 45x
  • Est. June 2022
Up to €1200 & 10% Daily Cashback
400+ Games Supports VISA, Mastercard & Crypto Fast & Responsive Platform
9.99999999989 0 €1200 10% £25
Welcome Casino Bonus is eligible only for new registrations and only for their first deposit. Upon depositing, you must select the "Welcome Casino Bonus" from the drop-down list. After that, the bonus will be awarded automatically to your account. Minimum deposit amount for this bonus is £/$/€25. Maximum given bonus is £/$/€1200. Welcome Casino Bonus can be used on slots and only on the following Provider: Egt, Netent, Novomatic, Play n go, Pragmatic, Amatic. This Bonus cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion. Bonus amount is subject to a wagering requirement of forty-five (45x) times. If you wish to make a withdrawal before you manage to fulfil the wagering requirement, your bonus funds and generated winnings will automatically be deducted and only your cash balance will remain for pay out. After activation, Bonus wagering requirement must be completed within a maximum of 45 days; failure to complete the wagering will result on bonus cancellation and any generated winnings will be lost. Minimum bet amount to count toward the wagering requirement is £/$/€0.50. Maximum bet amount to count toward the wagering requirement is £/$/€5.00 Any bets outside of the above limits will not count towards the wagering requirement. Company reserves the right to edit, cancel or completely remove the mentioned bonus at any time without prior warning. General Terms and Conditions apply.
Damslots Casino
750% up to £3000 Welcome Offer
Daily & Weekly Cashback Ethereum & Litecoin Crypto Bonus Slots, Live Casino & Live Racing
  • No Deposit No
  • Min Deposit £25
  • Wagering 50x
  • Est. July 2022
750% up to £3000 Welcome Offer
Daily & Weekly Cashback Ethereum & Litecoin Crypto Bonus Slots, Live Casino & Live Racing
9.99999999989 0 £3000 No £25
During your first deposit, select the "First Deposit Bonus" from the dropdown list, to get a 400% up to £/$/€800 Bonus. During your second deposit, select the "Second Deposit Bonus" from the dropdown list, to get a 150% up to £/$/€1,000 Bonus. During your third deposit, select the "Third Deposit Bonus" from the dropdown list, to get a 200% up to £/$/€1,200 Bonus. Welcome Casino Package is available only for new registrations. Minimum deposit amount eligible for the Welcome Casino Package Bonuses is £/$/€25 (and currency equivalent). Welcome Casino Bonus is subject to wagering requirement of fifty (50x) times. Welcome Casino Package is available for your first 3 Deposits within 45 days from your registration.
Mostro Casino
200% Up to £3000
Tournaments & Daily Promotions Wide Range of Banking Options Loyalty Member Club
  • No Deposit No
  • Min Deposit £20
  • Wagering 30x
  • Est. February 2022
200% Up to £3000
Tournaments & Daily Promotions Wide Range of Banking Options Loyalty Member Club
9.99999999988 No £3000 No £20
Minimum deposit: €20 Maximum bonus amount: €3000 The welcome bonus applies only for new players. Wagering requirement: x30 Note that the promo applies also for GBP, USD, AUD, CAD, CHF, DKK, NOK, SEK, ZAR currencies.


Active Payline

An active payline consist of a set of symbols that need to be arranged in a regular pattern to secure a win. An active payline is when you bet on a specific payline. However, it becomes active when you wager it just before you spin the reels. They run across the reels in different shapes; they can be straight, diagonal, horizontal, or ziz-zig. Paylines can be vertical as well. A winning payline will pay if only you place a wager on it.


In casinos, going all-in indicates that you are betting your whole stack on the one hand. It is important to state that anytime a player or any of the players’ faces a current bet that is beyond his stack, then going all-in becomes the only option. Generally, the idea of this concept is such that it does not allow the wealthy players to always have their way. Hence, it can also be considered a leveller such that the all-in player would stake everything that is left. Likewise, there is a limit to the amount that the all-in player can win from that wager.


Arm is a term used in a game of craps to describe a player who throws the dice so well enough that it is as if they can change the odds of the game. Such a player is described as an arm. It doesn’t matter whether the individual exists or not. However, it is very important to note that arms dealers are quite tricky as they have their way of approaching the game.  They do not allow dice to be thrown to be thrown against a far wall of the table.

Aggregate Limit

Aggregate limit refers to the highest amount of payout in any single game. For example, if the aggregate limit of a casino is $30000 on a game, and you wager a total of $100 on odds of 500, the player is supposed to receive say $50000. However, that amount is already higher than the set aggregate limit. Hence, the player will only receive $30000 while the casino keeps the remaining $20000. It is most common in table games where there are large winnings. You must find out if important to find out if the casino has a maximum payout before you play.

Aggregate winnings

It merely means the total amount of money a bookmaker is liable to pay out when a player wins. In many casinos, they present players with the aggregate winnings. However, players can always work it out themselves based on the odd as well as the amount wagered.  For example, $50 bet on odds of 36/1 will yield aggregate winnings of $1850 once you win. In casinos, the odds influence aggregate winnings, especially with table games. In sports betting, total winnings are also standard in “acca” bets.



In poker, a gambling bankroll means the amount of money a player has saved to play with later. It can also mean a lot of things. It also refers to the amount of money a player has gone out with that night. With professional casino players, bankroll can mean to fund a friend’s game. However, it may be another person other than a friend. For example, there could be a contract between two people where one fund’s the other’s account with the intention of sharing the winnings.

Beginners Luck

This is a term that is often used when a newbie wins a game that he probably has never played before or is playing for the first time. This is more or less a perception rather than fact. Hence, there are so many theories and beliefs as regards the concept of beginners luck. For some, it is believed that most experienced players would want to be very careful and in the end, play under pressure. However, for beginners, they don’t care about the outcome of the game and as such, they are very relaxed.


A bet is a sum of money or any valuable item placed against a bookmaker by the outcome of an event. Such events are unpredictable such as the outcome of a game or a race. There are two types of a bet; open bet and active bets. First, let’s define an open bet.  Placing a wager against the betting agents on the outcome of events is called bets. The payout of an open bet is determined by the result of the sporting event. In other words, the odds can change until the scheduled event is settled.

Betting limits

Betting limits are the highest and lowest amounts of money that a player can stake.  However, the limits are set by the casino and gaming administrators, and not by gamblers. The betting limits are important because they cover they cover the overhead cost and minimizes risks. Minimum bets cover operational costs such as web design, salaries, and licensing fees etc. Betting limits are usually seen in games like blackjack and roulette. The idea is to prevent a player from staking a huge amount of money on a single game such that the winnings could be huge thus difficult for the casino to pay.


The blinds are forced bets posted in a flop –style poker. Blinds are always posted to the left side of the dealer button. On the other hand, the big blind is posted beside the small blind to the same left side. However, there is an exception to this. When only two players are involved (a head game), one player takes on the small and another player takes on the big blind. We refer to the player and the bet as big or small blind.


In a poker game, buy-in is the act of entering a tournament that needs a payment up-front.  Buy-in is the size of the payment that determines the total winning price. This is also known as a rake that gamblers pay to the casino house.  For example, a tournament could involve 50 people and cost $55 entry per person.  In poker games, this is defined as $50+$5. This means that $50 is reserved for the tournament winners and $5 goes to the host house.


This is a game of chance wherein a player has to match the numbers printed in a 5×5 card with the number that is randomly chosen by the person who makes the call. Players can compete among themselves. In the end, anyone who successfully finds the number and arranges it appropriately screams out “bingo” to draw the attention of the host or other players. The host has to examine the cards to confirm that everything is in place. Afterwards, the players clear their cards and then a new round starts and the process continues over again.


This is often referred to as 21 Blackjack. It is a game of cards that are played in casinos. Blackjack is the most played casino game ever.  In this card game, cards are compared between the player and a dealer.  In a Blackjack, players compete against the dealer and never with a fellow player. Blackjack is played a deck of 52 cards, and the aim is to defeat the dealers without going over 21. To have a good win in blackjack, you must not “bust”.


Card Washing

Card washing is the style of shuffling of cards the dealer uses. To do this, the card dealer will spread the deck of cards on the table, lay the cards face down. The dealer now shuffles the cards in circles, while his hands are flat on the cards. After this, the card dealer moves on to do the usual shuffling. This is to make sure that the deck of cards is entirely random in the arrangement. It’s necessary that the deck of cards is washed to make sure they mix up well.


A check is an action you take when you want to keep your cards without playing or placing any wager. When you use the “check” action word, your turn passes to another player. Now you can only do this when the player before you did not place a bet. If the player before you place a bet, then you will have to “call” or “raise” or “fold”. The general sign for checking is to tap the poker table with your hand without saying “check” out loud.


Croupier is the person who helps at the gambling table. He or she helps run the game. The job of a croupier is to make sure every player behaves well. They help share bets and the payouts. Each casino employs a good number of people and trains them. They learn how to work on different tables and different games. Croupiers start from the simple card games like blackjack to the complex ones. Hence this is to make sure that mistakes will not cost the casino too much money.

Card Counting/Counting cards

Counting cards is an approach a dealer or a player uses in a casino to know if the next hand will give the advantage to the dealer or the player. Card counters keep a track on the high and the low valued cards the player sees. Card counting helps the player know the risks, to know when he has the advantage. It also helps him to lose less especially when a count does not favour him. Card counting can change the playing decisions. These decisions are based on the cards remaining.


Cashback is a form of loyalty casino bonus or promotion which casinos offer their returning customers. The casinos offer these cashback to players when they meet some requirements. Also, the casinos give these cashbacks when they deposit some amount of cash. Sometimes the casinos offer these cash to players when they lose some money. This cashback method is a way the casinos use to keep their returning customers happy. It is not limited to cash alone; there is extra plays or percentages added to your account.

Cash Drop

A cash drop is a kind of game where a player bets on the result of random 18 spinning hexagons. Each hexagon contains a fruit machine symbol like cherries and one of red or blue or yellow colour. The player can receive payouts for connecting similar icons or logos from left to right. The cash pot increases each time a reaction occurs. This means more reactions, bigger payouts. The wins go straight to the player’s account. You lose the bet you placed when the matching symbols are insufficient.


A cashier is a person who handles money and chips in a casino. They work in the area known as the cage; this area is where all the money activities go on. Also, money and chips are exchanged here. Cashiers are also in charge of any paperwork which involves money and chips. Cashiers make sure everything that concerns money is balanced correctly. They also have to give top notch customer service to the players. Cashiers handle the hard matters especially when it involves money.


Cashout is the option betting platforms offer the players who placed a bet. This option is so that they can stop their bet before a match between two teams end. Sometimes, a player uses the cashout option when he is not sure of the result of a match. In the end, the idea is to enable the player to get something out of the bet such that the player who chooses to cash out can get part of his supposed winnings. So, it is better to win part of a whole than to lose all. This is seen in horse racing, parlay bets, accumulator.


Deposit Bonus

The deposit bonus is the bonus you get when you put money in your player account at the casino. Without a deposit, you cannot unlock your bonus. There are the specific amount you can deposit to get a special deposit bonus. The terms and conditions explain how you get your deposit bonus. Make sure you read them. It is important to read the rules and understand them. No two deposit bonuses are the same. Putting money into your player account has its advantages. For more information go to no deposit casino.


Expanding Wilds

Expanding wilds is a unique bonus feature which when activated can increase payouts. This bonus feature is found in multi-payline slot machines. It substitutes other symbols on the reels to form combinations for winning. The wild symbol increases the chance of winning in slot machines. The games are intentionally tricky so you can work harder to earn the expanding wilds feature. In the end, you earn these multipliers (expanding wilds) that increase payouts as they are activated. The payouts depend on the game you play.


Free Spins

Free spins are chances awarded to casino players to spin the reels for free. These free spins come as welcome bonus after signing up, or promo for already existing customer or as an incentive. Whatever number of free spins bonus slot the casino gives you, you can exhaust all without paying a dime. Free spins are unique to designated games and the machine slot on which the spinning is done. Once you win, your casino account gets credited; although, the bonus cash you get comes with some wager. This means that for you to cash out the bonus, you will fulfil some requirements, like playing for a definite number of times. But for some casinos, the free spins are free, without any wager requirements.

Free Spins without deposit

Free spins without a deposit are the opportunity to spin the reels at a casino game for free without making any deposit at all into your casino account. This is in sharp contrast to free spins where you have to deposit to get the bonus or access the promo. The money you win goes into your account as a bonus reward. These free spins without deposits are always accrued to a new player by most casinos immediately after the player signs up, and they are called “welcome bonus”. Not all mobile casinos offer this free spin without a deposit, but many do. To claim the bonus, there are specific wagering requirements which the player must meet. This wagering requirement may be to the advantage of the casino.

Free Spins without wagering

Free Spins without wagering means spinning free of charge and being able to cash out any money you win without fulfilling any wagering requirements. It is free. Wagering varies from casino to casino from 0 to x60 wagering requirements. However, most casinos do not have this bonus or promo package as it tends to cost them more. But the few that offer it see it as a marketing strategy to attract more players to their websites and also get them to see most of the real games they have to offer.



A high roller also called a whale is a player who always bets enormous amounts of cash. High rollers get offers from casinos, and these push them to do even more. The offers include special VIP treatment to some of the best services in luxury private jet, use of a limousine, casino best suites usage etc. Generally, there are specific requirements that must be met before one qualifies as a high roller. Also, these terms vary from one casino to the other. In the end, the high roller is always treated like a king.


iPad Casino

iPad Casino is an online mobile casino which enables players to access and play games on their iPads devices. Games and betting on iPad casinos can either be free games which you can play for the fun of it or real games with real money just like any online casino. likewise, iPad Casino offers IOS users some unique advantage in that the casino is made for the device. Hence, there are usually no compatibility issues with the operating system or screen size. Some players prefer the iPad casino over other androids because of the iPad screen size.

iPhone casino

iPhone casino can only be said to mean playing casino games on your iPhone. iPhone casino rates among the best. The gaming apps can be accessed only on the Apple store. That way, the games are, and services are only available to iPhone users.  With the iPhone ranked among the best smartphones in the world, there is no doubt that playing games on an iPhone are more fun because of its features; such as the screen, the retina HD display, high-speed internet, special configurations, and great sound.


Live Casino

Live Casino is one that presents players with an almost similar experience as a real land-based casino. This is such that the activities are broadcasted in live video feeds where an actual gambling event is taking place with real-life croupiers doing their job in conducting the play.  Because of the sophisticated nature that is involved in offering live casino, it is not very common. Some of the favorite games that are available in live casinos include Baccarat, Roulette, and Blackjack.

Live odds

Live odds are usually odds that offer players multiple opportunities to wager during a sporting event. Hence, while the event is still ongoing, live odds offers players who are probably loosing or have the feeling that they would lose the opportunity to salvage their possible loss by placing another wager.  Live odds are offered by some online casinos only on selected games. Players receive the returns of their stakes on the game if their prediction is correct. These returns depend on the odds given to that particular betas at the time the live odd was updated.

Live Streaming

Live streaming has to do with watching of video, sporting activities and betting while the events unfold in actual time. Sporting activities not shown live on TV’s can be accessed on live streaming only. When gamblers open an account with the bookmaker’s, betting starts. Once you open an account, you access to live sport, even without placing a bet. A minimum of 1 Euro is maintained by an account holder as a requirement to watch events on live streaming. Betfair offers a minimum deposit of 10 Euro to open an account.

Loyalty Program

The loyalty program is a marketing plan that is employed by most casinos as a way of enticing, encouraging, and appealing for more patronage. Many online casinos offer different loyalty programs as a method to keep and maintain players. Bettors can earn from free spins to credits or prizes. Online betting is better when there are welcome bonuses especially to entice new gamblers. Most casinos offer multiple loyalty programs thus offering players the chance to make their choice as they see fit.


Mobile casino

As the name implies, it is a casino on mobile. A mobile casino is an online casino designed to function on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Almost every casino player wants to play on mobile devices instead of PCs and desktops. With lots of smartphones flooding the market, mobile casinos now constitutes an integral part of any casino. Whether via a dedicated mobile app or an optimised browser, mobile casinos ensure that there is no vacuum as players get to carry their favourite casinos in their pocket.



What are the likely chances that an event would occur? In the world of gambling, odds are used to define the likelihood that an event would not just occur but also follow a predicted pattern. In casino games, the odds are the ratio of the payoffs to wager.  Odds do not necessarily show the probabilities of an event. However, it is believed that when the odds are high, then the possibility of the event occurring is low and vice versa.


Progressive jackpot

A progressive jackpot is money that is paid to a winner when all the conditions are met. A progressive jackpot is the accumulation of each play made.  This accumulation is calculated from every player who plays that game.  You can find progressive jackpot sin slot games, bingo games, and video poker. Progressive jackpots can also be found in progressive slots.  Progressive jackpots are the biggest prize that any game can offer.  Game administrators reset the award once the previous progressive jackpot is won.


Reload bonus

In a poker game, reload bonuses are cash offers made by casino administrators to players who have been away for some time because they have exhausted their initial deposit. These offers are made to existing players to persuade them to come back and possibly make more deposits. It is also a way to build customer loyalty. Reload bonus is entirely different from the welcome bonus. In many cases, it is just a token to get old players back on their feet.


This is one of the best and most popular casino table games in the world. Roulette is a game which involves spinning a ball around a wheel. This wheel may contain numbers from 0-36; these colours are either red or white. Players can lay a bet on the layout which is also called a tablecloth. In roulette, a win is determined by the number of pockets a roulette ball enters.  The balls are sent to the opposite direction when the croupier spins the roulette.

Return to player

Return to the player (RTP) is a term used in casinos and betting platforms to show the percentage of the wager that will be returned to the players from slot machines over a period.   RTP is computed from as an average of 1000 game plays. The are several factors that contribute to this percentage including the type of the slog game; the casino terms as well as the regulations of the licensing body adopted by the casino. Return to player indicates the result a player could expect from playing a game. However, this only shows a long-term result and does not indicate what could happen immediately.



In a slot game, a scatter symbol is a symbol that may not be on a win line. The scatter symbols appear randomly on the playing reels for a player to have a win. Amazingly, if a lot of scatter symbols fall, the bet will come in which means the bettor has won.  In video game slots, scatter symbols are used to start a bonus round. Also, the scatter symbol has a great feature called multiplier benefits.  However, you will find a lot of slot games without scattering symbols, though they are common in most others.

Spreading wild

A spread is a host of outcomes, and the wager is on whether the outcome will be above the spread or below it. It is the practice of placing a wager where the payout is determined by the accuracy of the bet.  Spread wild is not just a win or lose situation as seen in the regular fixed-odds betting. Instead, it represents some possible outcomes and whether or not the player wins depends on whether the player’s wager appears above or below the expected outcomes.

Sticky wild

In video slots and online slots, wild symbols have become popular. They are replaced with other symbols on the screen, to complete a winning move. Sticky wilds are standard wilds; however, they stay on the screen during spins. They are the most popular feature of bonuses. Also, they may not be seen in a regular play. Sticky wilds can accumulate huge wins for the players. In video slot games, you will find good features on some symbols. Also, the symbols could create a win combination or a multiplier bonus for players. Go to new slots 2018 to find out more.


The suit in casino terms refers to the categories that the deck of the cards can be divided into.  Each card has a symbol representing the suit it belongs to, or additionally, on rare occasions, each card has its very own colour that symbolises what suit it belongs to. A deck has 52 playing cards, and there are four suits in a deck. Each suite has 13 cards, and a particular card of any given value comes only once in a suit. All decks come equipped with not suits cards; such as Joker.


Tapping Out

Tapping out is a universally recognised symbol for giving up on sports, and it is no different in gambling, specifically in Poker. In poker, as in all other forms of gambling, the tapping out of a player refers to him permanently quitting especially when the player is running out of funds or has probably lost all his money. In gambling, these things happen especially when it is not your lucky day. Hence, when it does, give the sign, and the other players definitely will understand.

Taking the Odds

Taking the Odds in gambling can mean either of two things. The first and the most commonly accepted meaning is that when a person says’ that he is taking the odds, he is willing to place a wager on the odds of whether a certain thing will happen or not. The second definition is a little complicated; it usually refers to a bet, wherein the player accepting the bet would win far less than he wagered on the bet, in the first place.

Touch Wand

Touch wand is a device by which the players can choose their numbers on a lottery – like gambling game called Keno. Once the number has been selected, the screen will tell you whether you have won, or lost. The touch wand usage is a little complicated.  To use the touch wand; one needs to touch the tip of the wand against the screen. The wands work very much like a stylus, and once you get the hang of it, the whole process is very intuitive.


Video Poker

Video Poker is a casino game that is a variation of the traditional poker game, more specifically the five card draw poker game. To play it you will need a computerised console, similar to in size to the slot machine. The game, video poker is played in the same vein that the traditional five card draw poker is, the whole process is just played over a computer. The game is performed in the same way, and the card is dealt in a random manner.


Welcome bonus

The welcome bonus is the amount of money that a person gets when he signs up to a new casino and its subscription. Sign-up bonuses are usually offered by most casinos whether online or land-based. The welcome bonus can be given in the form of some additional cash; it could be in the way of extra spins on selected games or even cash back on losses. With so much competition in the industry, almost every platform offers very cool welcome bonuses to entice the player.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements are a limit placed by the bookmaker or the authority of the casino on a certain bonus. The requirements specify the times a wager can be placed on a bonus before it is withdrawn. For example, if you make a deposit of $100 and receive a bonus of another $100 with a wagering requirement of 50 times. $100 + $100 = $200 x 50 = $1000. This means that before the player can request for withdrawal until the wagering requirement of $1000 has been met. Once the wagering requirement is not met, the bonus is usually cancelled.


Wild in casino terms refers to a card that can be substituted to for any other card. The purpose of replacing the card is to complete a hand or make a run. While the term wild has more to do with traditional card games, in recent years the term has carried into slot gaming as well. In slots, wild symbols work in very much the same way that wildcards work. These symbols can be substituted with any other, thus giving a player a far greater chance to win.

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